What Does Home Staging Include?

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August 21, 2023
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Simply put, professional home staging is a good investment. It’s an excellent way to showcase your home’s absolute best and drive up the final asking price. But not all home staging services operate the same way. What’s included will depend on the staging service you choose.

Pre-Staging Services

In general, home stagers provide a consultation as part of their services. This is a detailed assessment of the property where the stagers examine each room of the property to determine the best design plan. This includes determining the right paint color, furniture placement, and identifying any necessary repairs. The consultation can be done either in-person or via virtual call.

As a part of your consultation your design expert will advise, on the importance of preparing the property for staging. This involves removing excess furniture, personal items, and clutter from the property in order to create a more spacious and inviting atmosphere for prospective buyers. Deep cleaning the property, including bathrooms, kitchens, and windows, helps to present a clean and well-maintained home. Fixing any damages or broken items around the property shows that the home has been well-maintained and is in good condition.

BoldRM offers free consultations that can be done either at the property in person or via virtual call. Our designers will assess the property layout and go over possible design strategies with the homeowner. We also offer a color consultation service where one of our staging designers will provide recommendations and offer staging advice, allowing the homeowner to stage the property themselves if they choose to do so.

Staging Services

A good staging service will know what to do and what not to do to make the most of your stage. Additional furnishings (furniture, art, and decor) are used as opposed to using any existing items. This makes a property feel more complete and depersonalized at the same time. Staging pieces are then left on-site for potential buyers and packed away after a sale or time expires.

At BoldRM, our warehouses are kept stocked with items and decor to suit just about any layout plan and design aesthetic. BoldRM designers are constantly updating the inventory to match what’s most in demand for each new season. Some of the smaller decor items, like throw pillows, are changed every day.

Selecting the appropriate staging pieces for a property requires expertise and experience in creating a desirable living space. Our designers must consider several factors when deciding on the furniture and decor to use, such as the style of the property, its target market, and current trends. They also need to create a warm and inviting atmosphere while also making sure that the space appears uncluttered and spacious.

Once we’ve selected the appropriate staging pieces from our inventory, the logistics team moves everything to the property and staging is completed on the day of your choice. For the average property size (a 3-4 bedroom house), that means about 5-6 hours of furniture placement and rearranging to achieve a desirable look. All staging items and decor are left in place are contracted for 60 days. But most of our staged homes are sold within 45 days. This is testament to the impact that expert home staging can have on the marketability and perceived value of a property. Despite having to work within tight timelines, limited budgets, and having to adapt to unexpected changes our goal driven team will get the job done!

Post-Staging Services

Staging a property doesn’t guarantee a sale, but it can help improve the chances of a successful sale. In addition to staging, it is important to advertise the property and make sure potential buyers are aware that the home is for sale. This can be done through traditional advertising methods, such as real estate listings and open houses, as well as utilizing modern marketing techniques such as property websites and virtual tours.

To enhance the marketing efforts for your home, some home stagers will offer additional marketing perks to their clients. For example, BoldRM offers free professional photography with every staged home, with photos taken the following business day for your convenience. Additionally, the BoldRM team create a property website and 3D virtual tour to better entice remote buyers.

When choosing the right home staging service, it's important to take your time and pick a company that makes the most out of your investment. This includes not only the staging process, but also post-staging steps such as marketing and advertising efforts. As a realtor, it's crucial to partner with a home stager who can help you effectively showcase the property and ensure that it appeals to potential buyers.

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