5 Organization Tips from a Pro Home Stager

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April 4, 2023
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While everyone nowadays seems obsessed with modern and minimalist interior design looks, not everyone is a fan of sorting, organizing and storing all their clutter.

As a designer for BoldRM, I’ve seen the positive impact organization can have on a space. Decluttering quickly gives the appearance of space, and easily creates a minimalist, chic, modern vibe. So here are my top 5 organization tips for aspiring minimalists and newbie home stagers alike.

  1. Adjust your storage containers to suit your needs - Just because your closet or shelving dividers come in a predetermined factory setting, it doesn’t mean they need to stay that way. Move pieces around depending on which items need additional storage.
  2. Labels are not just for the OCD-minded - After a couple weeks, my organization efforts tend to disappear. It’s one thing to find a place for everything, it’s another to keep the system going. Labelling certain drawers and shelves ensure you keep things organized long-term, and that the weekend you spend sorting clothes and cutlery won’t be wasted.
  3. Design based on your daily routine - Another way of forcing yourself to stick to a system is by not changing anything in the first place. Organize things based on your routine preferences, not by what designers on pinterest are doing. If you always leave keys and wallets by the front door, for example, that should be where you add a nice storage space.
  4. Matching colors and pieces - Perhaps the easiest way of appearing neat and organized is a coherent design and color scheme. Use matching hangers, matching colors, and maybe even matching storage containers.
  5. Embrace Marie Kondo’s “spark joy” mantra - If something sparks joy, whether it’s a furniture piece, clothing item, or dishware set, make it a focal point. Conversely, if there’s an item that just irritates you, whether it’s because you don’t like the look of it, or because you never seem to find anything that goes with it, throwing that item away is always an option. And hey, now there’s fewer things to organize.

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