The Future of Staging:Why BoldRM?

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January 16, 2023
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We are no longer “Bold Interior Group.” As the team expanded, and our home staging services broadened to include color consultations, marketing photography, realtor resources, and soon property web pages, we felt that “interior group” didn’t quite convey all that we had to offer and all that we are.

Our designers look at a property holistically. They know that the best stages are the ones that encompass both interior and exterior spaces, large furniture pieces and small decor items, functionality and curb appeal. And our staging knowledge is not limited to the size of our team. It is enriched by new partnerships and direct collaborations with SF Bay Area real estate agents.

Hence BoldRM. (Pronounced “Bold Room”)

We promise bold designs and innovative solutions able to transform any room into a BoldRM--enticing, inspiring, and unique experience. And we’ll continue to uphold our mission statement by leveraging both technology solutions and human design expertise to increase a home’s value, accelerate it's time to market, and reduce time to sale.

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