5 DIY Fall Design Tips

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October 3, 2022
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Leaves are slowly changing color. That California sun is a bit more bearable. And Hocus Pocus is queued up on every major TV network. We all know what that means--PSL season is in full bloom.

While our Boldrm stagings are typically meant for year-round appeal, it’s also fun to embrace the autumn spirit and welcome some fall aesthetics into our interior designs.

Below are my five tips to transform any evergreen space into an autumn paradise:

1) Use Fall Colors

Typical fall colors include berry reds, rusty oranges, and warm neutral tones. For a touch of modern glam, add some bright purples and plums or dark, cool blues. And for an all out gothic look, include plenty of black accessories and black leather upholstery. Choose all matte finishes to help showcase that fall coziness feel.

2) Light Some Candles

No fall interior is complete without some warm lighting. The easiest method--candles. Whether you choose real or fake flames, candle light evokes homey warmth and evenings indoors. And a touch of rustic whimsy, like these DIY cinnamon stick candles, never hurts.

Opt for autumn scented candles, or try some DIY fall incense for maximum seasonal effect.

3) Get Cozy

Cold weather presents the perfect opportunity to warm up your living space. Swap out summery linens for cotton velvet. Unearth your chunky knits, wool rugs, soft throw pillows, and fleece blankets. Got teapot and bottle cozies stored in the kitchen cupboard? Bring ‘em out and start brewing the apple cider and hot chocolate.

If you live in a warmer climate, where layering blankets is not an option, just add some plaid pillow coverings and lay a fall-themed doormat for instant autumn vibes.

4) Upcycle

By no means does fall decor have to be elaborate, and it shouldn’t need to be expensive. Instead of buying new items every year, get creative and upcycle what you already have.

The internet is ripe with fall inspired DIY projects and how-to guides. Your empty wine bottles can be repurposed as rustic table lamps. And your used paint cans can be used as wine holders. Those wine corks you’ve been popping can be stuffed into any glass container or metal cage as a decorative display. Or maybe you choose kid-friendly DIY projects that aren’t related to wine drinking...

5) Bring in the outdoors

Add a few dark floral patterns or go full Martha Stewart and combine dried flowers and spices for an authentic potpourri bowl. Maybe even make your own corn husk wreath.  

And of course, don’t forget the pumpkins. Arrange smaller gourds and squash for a table centerpiece, wrap with fairy lights for outdoor decor, or use hollowed pumpkins as decorative bowls and vases. Any Pinterest search proves that the pumpkin decor possibilities are truly endless.

However you choose to celebrate the changing seasons, enjoy the flood of pumpkin-spice-everything and revel in the knowledge that 2020 is finally coming to an end.

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